242. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission to the United Nations 1

226040. Subj: SYG. Ref: USUN 5067.1

At Five Power meeting Dec. 16 you should endeavor to bring group to agree to submit no more than three names to SC. You should head group off from any discussion of order in which names would be listed or procedure to be used in SC in deciding order in which names would be put to vote and reserve your position on this matter.
You should work to assure that the three names sent to SC include Jakobson and Sadruddin unless latter is expressly ruled out by Soviets or PRC. Your comment at last meeting that Waldheim appeared qualified will be helpful in protecting our relationship with him should he be elected, and you should continue to take similar position. You should express reservation if anyone attempts summarize views on Waldheim to effect he appears have support of at least four permanent members. In that case you might say it is more accurate to say he is among top three candidates.
You should find opportunity refer to Soviet statements that Jakobson is opposed by “large and important group” and say that we have solid evidence to the contrary. Our information is that (A) Arab group has taken no position as such; (B) that we are satisfied that opposition of several members this group is at least balanced by support several others of group have expressed for Jakobson. Suggest you not again press Soviets to indicate whether they have ruled him out and concentrate instead on seeing to it that his name is among those presented to Council.
Suggest you seek to assure that names put before SC include Jakobson, Sadruddin and Waldheim. You should if at all possible head off inclusion Herrera by reiterating US view and seek UK support to exclude him. You should try to avoid Jarring on grounds he is not a candidate but not oppose inclusion Jarring if others insist. We see no point in including any other names and hope you can arrange with UK and France to keep others from being listed.
We would welcome your views, and those of UK and French, on tactics or procedures to avoid Waldheim’s name being put to vote first in SC.
  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 303, Agency Files, USUN, Vol. IX. Secret; Immediate; Exdis. Drafted by Assistant Secretary De Palma, cleared by Pedersen and Miller, and approved by Secretary Rogers.
  2. Telegram 5067 from USUN described the December 15 meeting of the Five. No decision was reached, and the next meeting was scheduled for December 16 at 9:30 a.m. (Ibid., RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 8–3)