165. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission to the United Nations 1

157561. Subject: UN Budget for CY 1972.

Department gravely concerned about US projected overall increase of $27.5 million in assessed contributions to international [Page 306]organizations to be funded from FY 1973 Federal budget. Increase of this magnitude scarcely in keeping with measures USG taking to put own economy in order.
With regard to our estimated $214 million UN budget for CY 1972 we consider following areas as being particularly susceptible to meaningful reductions:
Documentation—JIU report on documentation (A/8319) indicates saving of $4.5 million can be achieved without loss of significant information to Organization. Continuing our initiative begun last year we should press for full reduction this amount.
Development Advisory Teams (UNDATS)—We unalterably opposed to separate line item funding for advisory teams resulting in automatic $1.8 million increase in Part VI of budget. We oppose any increase in Part VI over present level. Prefer UNDATS funding be transferred to Section 3 of budget with Part VI being reduced by amount of transfer.
Office of Public Information (OPI)—SYG intends to ask GA for $0.5 million for modernization of OPI. In view distressed UN financial situation we feel this low priority item should be deferred.
Headquarters Expansion—Since it appears highly unlikely Congress will reverse itself on this issue, believe it pointless exercise to add $1 million more to $2 million authorized but unused in 1971 budget. We should support removal of the $1 million item pending reappraisal of situation.
UNIDO—According Vienna 46352 UNIDO intends submit revised budget estimate totalling $14.7 million, including revaluation costs, for 1972—an increase of over 20% above 1971. Magnitude of increase unconscionable and unacceptable. Consonant with position taken by USRep in meetings with Vienna GG, believe total $2.5 million increase requested should be cut by at least 50%.
Above items involve potential saving of $9.1 million. We recognize however that efforts will also have to be made to counter addons that are either presently unpredictable or that may result from dollar float (State 154557)3 or from failure to defeat further General Service wage increase.
Would appreciate Mission’s comments and suggestions soonest.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 10–4. Limited Official Use. Drafted by O’Connor; cleared by McDonald, Winthrop Southworth, Hennes, and Oscar H. Nielson; and approved by George von Peterffy. Repeated to the Mission in Geneva and Vienna.
  2. Dated August 13. (Ibid.)
  3. Dated August 21. (Ibid.)