160. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission to the United Nations1

108379. Subject: UN Deficit. Ref: USUN 1360.2

Mission authorized inform SYG as follows:

We consider it essential that serious efforts to solve deficit problem be initiated at earliest possible opportunity but at same time wish to avoid premature effort that might prove abortive during 25th GA.
We favor attempt achieve overall solution of deficit problem in order avoid accumulation new or additional deficit in near future.
We believe that solution must be one considered to be in interest of organization as whole; accordingly, it can be arrived at only if vast majority of member states prepared support.
We willing participate in effort arrive at solution and, if the other principal powers, especially the Soviet Union and France, prove willing to make significant and commensurate contributions, we would consider appropriate contribution to solution. Nature and level our contribution would depend upon nature of proposed solution, willingness other member states to contribute, and Congressional approval.
We believe best approach to negotiation of solution is to have forthcoming GA appoint outstanding individual having confidence all parties to conduct negotiations looking to agreed solution by the 26th GA.
We suggest that appropriate negotiator might be next Pres of GA, viz. Hambro (Norway), after next GA session has been completed. We, of course, are open to any other suggestions SYG may wish make re individuals who might serve as negotiator.
If SYG agrees Hambro would be appropriate negotiator, believe would be helpful if he (SYG) made such recommendation to GA. If SYG prefers, Scandinavian group might be persuaded make such proposal to GA.3

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 10. Confidential. Drafted by Lawrence; cleared by Nathan A. Pelcovits, Allen, and Frechtling; and approved by Assistant Secretary De Palma.
  2. In telegram 1360, June 30, Yost outlined what he intended to ask Thant; for example, whether he intended to explore possible Soviet contributions to reduce the UN deficit during a forthcoming visit to Moscow. Yost also suggested that the General Assembly appoint an “outstanding individual having confidence all parties to conduct negotiations.” (Ibid.)
  3. On July 9 Yost discussed the proposal in this paragraph with Thant, who agreed to consider it. (Telegram 1446 from USUN, July 10; ibid.)