145. Telegram From the Embassy in Panama to the Department of State 1

5601. Subject: SC Meeting in Panama.

At close treaty negotiating sessions December 6, Foreign Minister took Country Director aside to say he wished “put the permanent lid” on any thought that Panama might withdraw from its position. “We will have it,” he said, “and you might as well accommodate yourselves to the idea. We will not harass you, and we will not tolerate harassment of you. No matter what Boyd has said, speaking wishfully rather than authoritatively, we want only to increase our international prestige, which is poor. We hope you will come, but if you do not, well, the meeting will still be held. Please get that message across to Washington.”
Queried on whether Minister’s position might be subject to change were United States and Panama to find themselves in midst of full, serious negotiations in late February–March, Tack replied “Not one centimeter, to repeat, we seek only to give a new luster to our image, and the Canal negotiations have nothing whatever to do with the meeting, nor will we allow them to.”
Other GOP officials have made point in last ten days of suggesting to Country Director that USG and Panama can handle this meeting together so that both will benefit. They even suggested joint planning.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 3 SC. Confidential; Priority. Repeated to USUN.