113. Editorial Note

Ilkka Pastinen, Deputy Permanent Representative of Finland, presented a list of suggestions regarding the conduct of a special Security Council meeting to U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative William B. Buffum on August 11, 1970. These included holding the meeting in late September and focusing the agenda on “review of the international situation” and “strengthening of international security, with particular regard to UN’s capacity to act effectively for maintenance of international peace and security.” The meeting, the Finns believed, would likely involve three or four sessions held over two days, to be followed by a final communiqué. (Telegram 1629 from USUN, August 11; National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 3 SC)

The Department agreed with Buffum that the meeting should be held at the beginning of the General Assembly session so that it would not conflict with either commemoration of the UN’s 25th anniversary or visits by heads of state or government. It also warned that Secretary Rogers might not have time to attend more than two sessions. (Telegram 131940 to USUN, August 13; ibid.) The Department initially agreed to a September 22 date, but the schedules of the Soviet, French, and British Foreign Ministers led to the meeting being rescheduled to October 21. (Telegram 135110 to USUN, August 19, telegram 2363 from USUN, October 10, and telegram 108843 to USUN, October 13; all ibid.)