105. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

2742. Subj: 27th UNGA: Pruning of Provisional Agenda. Ref: USUN 2735.2

We met informally with Western members of 27th GA’s General Committee (Belgium, Canada, France, Iceland, New Zealand, UK [Page 207]plus Japan) August 3 for preliminary exchange of views on pruning provisional agenda of 27th GA. We agreed USUN would approach Soviets on bilateral basis regarding agenda as was done last year. Members of group, most of whom uninstructed, expressed wish to meet again in late August or early September.
Highlights of discussion of specific items on provisional agenda (see A/8750 of July 15, 1972) follow:
Item 21 (mechancial voting): Group agreed item should be given routine consideration in 5th Comite rather than special attention in plenary.
Item 23 (colonialism): UK and Canada felt consideration of item in plenary was losing significance and attempt to allocate item to 4th Comite would unnecessarily stir up African dels in General Committee, whose support we will want for deferment of Korean items.
Item 24 (World Disarmament Conference): Comments on WDC reported reftel.
Item 25 (Conference of Non-Nuclear States): All agreed item should be combined with Item 15 (report of IAEA).
Item 33 (Indian Ocean): Belgians understand that Ceylonese have begun lobbying effort in capitals seeking new ideas on item and that Malaysians intend to bring item up at nonaligned meeting in Georgetown; Belgians see no harm in trying for deferment but doubt co-sponsors would agree to defer item.
Item 34 (strengthening international security): Group (including Japan) agreed it might be tactically useful for us to tell Soviets we favored deferment of SIS.
Item 40 (effects of atomic radiation): Group saw little hope for deferment because major report is being prepared by Secretariat for presentation to 27th GA; French specifically favor retention of item.
Item 49 (UN university): Japanese del is anxious to have item considered by 27th GA.
Item 50 (human rights in armed conflict): USUN noted that further discussion of human rights aspect in 3rd Comite seemed unnecessary and suggested moving item to 6th Comite; others were silent.
Item 41 (racial discrimination): USUN favored moving sub-item (D) on apartheid to 6th Comite; French believe draft convention on apartheid should stay in 3rd Comite.
Item 53 (ideologies and practices based on terror): French were unsure of degree of Soviet support for this item; USUN understands nonaligned will support it.
Item 54 (war crimes): French favor this item.
Item 56 (youth): USUN felt detailed consideration of item was premature; Iceland and UK agreed. French reserved their position.
Item 59 (freedom of information): French reserved their position; Canada thought attempt to defer would be met with lengthy arguments from Philippines (who originated item) and others.
Item 60 (human rights and science): USUN saw possibility of deferment; French were interested in keeping item.
Item 61 (regligious intolerance): USUN pointed out item had been on agenda for many years and might well be deferred; others agreed.
Item 85 (UN School): Belgium and New Zealand felt item should be deferred; French and Japanese thought many dels would be interested in retaining it.
Items 93 and 94 (use of “all states” formula): With US, UK and Japan leading the way, group agreed we should seek deferment.
Item 95 (amendment to ICJ structure); Group agreed to seek deferment of this item.
Group decided to save for next meeting detailed discussion of financial items, Korean items, WDC and SIS.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, UN 3 GA. Limited Official Use.
  2. Telegram 2735 from USUN, August 4, discussed placement of the World Disarmament Conference on the provisional agenda of the 27th UN General Assembly. (Ibid., DEF 18–3)