22. Editorial Note

On April 28, 1969, Secretary of Commerce Maurice Stans reported to President Nixon on the results of a mission he had just led to consult with the economic and trade ministers of Western European nations. Stans reported the trip a success, with the European officials reacting favorably to the administration’s efforts to improve relations with Europe by consulting on matters of mutual concern before policy decisions were made in Washington. He also reported positive reactions to his emphasis on four economic freedoms as the basis for dealing with international economic problems:

“In my public speeches and meetings with the American and European business leaders, I expressed the basis of the Administration’s approach to international economic problems in terms of four economic freedoms expressed as ideals:

  • “1. Freedom to trade
  • “2. Freedom to travel
  • “3. Freedom to invest
  • “4. Freedom to exchange technology

“The response was positive and favorable.” (Memorandum from Secretary Stans to President Nixon, April 28, 1969; National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 213, Agency Files, Commerce, 1970, Vol. I)