250. Memorandum for the Record1


  • Minutes of the Meeting of the Special Group (CI); 2 p.m., Thursday, August 5, 1965


  • Governor Harriman, Admiral Raborn; General Wheeler, Mr. Rowan and Mr. Marks, Mr. Komer, Mr. Gaud vice Mr. Bell
  • Ambassador Hart, General Anthis, and Messrs Davies and Maechling were present for the meeting
  • [Here follows discussion of the counterinsurgency intelligence summary and the chairman’s trip to Europe.]

3. Report on Security Situation in Arabian Peninsula

Ambassador Hart briefly reviewed the situation in Saudi Arabia and the peninsula, pointing out that there is no serious internal threat as long as King Faysal remains in power. He said that the immediate threat is internal, stemming from the Yemen situation and Nasserist activity in neighboring states, and that the long term threat comes from the possibility that the Government of Saudi Arabia will be unable to modernize fast enough to meet the rising expectations of dissident groups.

Ambassador Hart reviewed US efforts in the youth, labor, military and police fields in Saudi Arabia. He informed the Group of the Minister of Agriculture’s request for the assistance of four US agricultural specialists. The possibility of providing such specialists was discussed and the Chairman requested that the State Department look into this.

The Group discussed the recommendations contained in the memorandum and suggested that the US Government consider what action it would be prepared to take in the contingency of an eruption in the Yemen situation. The Group agreed with the desirability of providing a police survey team as recommended, and requested that the feasibility of funding such a team be reconsidered by AID and CIA.

Mr. Komer suggested that a visible demonstration of US interest in the security and stability of the Arabian peninsula, such as visits by US Navy ships and possible helicopter demonstrations, be made now [Page 483]before Egyptian provocation against Saudi Arabia becomes more flagrant.

[Here follows discussion of a miscellaneous item.]

C. G. Moody , Jr.
Executive Secretary
Special Group (CI)
  1. Source: Department of State, NEA Files: Lot 70 D 503, Internal Defense (inc. Meeting 7/13/66). Secret. Attached to an August 13 transmittal memorandum from Alexander Rattray of S/S-S to various Department of State bureaus.