228. Memorandum for the Record1


  • Minutes of the Meeting of the Special Group (CI), 2:30 p.m., Thursday. May 28, 1964


  • Governor Harriman, Mr. Bell, Mr. Rowan, Mr. Forrestal, Mr. Solbert vice Mr. Vance, General Anthis vice General Taylor, Mr. Karamessines vice Mr. McCone, Mr. Nolan vice the Attorney General
  • Governor Williams was present for Item No. 2
  • Mr. Jernegan and Mr. Seelye were present tor Item No. 3
  • Mr. Adams was present for Item No. 4
  • Mr. James was present for Item No. 5
  • Mr. Maechling was present for the meeting

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3. Internal Defense Plan for Saudi Arabia

Mr. Jernegan reviewed the salient points of the Internal Defense Plan for Saudi Arabia2 adding that the US does not consider the situation critical. He said that there is always the danger of the UAR stepping up its activities in Saudi Arabia. He explained that at the beginning of the Yemen crisis, the stability of the present regime had been threatened by the UAR, but that the agreement reached between Saudi Arabia and UAR has eased the situation. He discussed the internal political influences of other Groups noting that there is very little Communist influence, but any internal strife would be an invitation to Nasir to reinstigate his activity. He discussed Faysal’s assets and ambitious programs, emphasizing US interest in assisting Faysal in the implementation of these programs. He pointed out that it is in our best interest to maintain the present regime since Faysal is the best leader available.

Mr. Jernegan indicated that it is very important that we continue our military training mission in Saudi Arabia and also our interest in the economic sphere (through Aramco).

He informed the Group that the Country Team will continue to try to find ways to develop youth and labor programs, areas which today are barely existent. He added that US1A recently opened a cultural center and library in Jidda, the first of this kind in Saudi Arabia, which will assist in reaching the youth.

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Mr. Bell observed that the US community is split between Jidda and Dhahran, with hardly anyone in the city of Riyadh. Part of the military training mission is being moved to Riyadh, but we are having difficulty in moving part of the mission. He reminded the Croup that we have no AID economic program in Saudi Arabia and that in view of the country’s sound finances, it would be a departure for us to institute one.

[1 paragraph (3 lines of source text) not declassified]

The Group approved the Plan and suggested that the Country Team be directed to take the required action. The Croup also requested that it be kept informed, in the form of a letter from the Ambassador every six months, or earlier, as significant developments arise.

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C. G. Moody , Jr.
Executive Secretary
Special Croup
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