178. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Iraq1

330. Iraqi Ambassador Hani called on Assistant Secretary Hare 6th to register Iraq’s complaint against Iran re recent border incidents. In restrained vein Hani covered main points of public Iraqi note of 4th. Stated alleged Iranian action not only harming Iraq-Iran relations but endangering peace in entire area. Therefore Iraqis are also raising issue with other states in area such as Saudi Arabia. Turks cooperative on issue in interests their own security. Iraqi rep at UN will inform UNSYG of situation. Iraq exercising restraint, but “there is a limit.” Iraq hopes USG, in view of mutual concern and friendly relationship with both sides, can do something helpful. During presentation, Hani repeatedly went out of his way to stress Iraq’s desire for good relations with Iran, comparing their situation with US and Canada.

Hare replied he gratified by Hani’s statement Iraqi Government trying to keep situation under control and prevent it from reaching explosion point. Hoped Iraq would continue to maintain this policy, [Page 357] since problem cannot be solved by force. We would take similar attitude towards Iran, which also close friend of US. Nature of question such that we have not drawn up “balance sheet.” We not sure we should attempt to be judge of rights and wrongs in matter. Would hope Iraq and Iran could resolve difficulties by own means without allowing issue to become further overheated.

  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1964-66, POL 32-1 IRAN-IRAQ. Confidential. Drafted by Officer in Charge of Iraq-Jordan Affairs Lucien L. Kinsolving, cleared in draft by Symmes and Howison, and approved by Hare. Also sent to Tehran and repeated to London.