428. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Jordan1

27525. Subj: Middle East-US-USSR Resolution. Ref: State 26123.2

With respect to reftel, some further clarification is desirable re discussions with Arabs of US–USSR draft resolution (para 10 reftel). Such discussions should not be in terms specific wording of res. We would prefer that there not be widespread discussion of such details at this time. Rather we had in mind obtaining clearer indication of Arab attitude toward a resolution embodying general concept of US–USSR draft and seeking encourage Arab acceptance such approach.
One problem in attempting discuss US–USSR text with other govts, particularly Arabs, is fact we not certain which text or texts Sovs gave Arabs, or whether they gave Arabs partial or full text. Essence of US–USSR res explained by Goldberg in July 27 speech reported Deptel 14091.3
Agreed res included para which, in speaking of solution all aspects Middle East problem, specifically referred to “guaranteeing freedom of transit through international waterways.” In discussions with Soviets Goldberg made clear this essential part of res, but here again we do not know whether Sovs showed this para to Arabs. We also made clear our agreement on draft res was based on our understanding that it to be interpreted to mean: 1) Israeli withdrawal had to be based on end to all claims of rights of belligerency, which includes inter alia rights of passage in both Strait of Tiran/Gulf of Aqaba and Suez Canal, and 2) withdrawal to state of peace necessarily implies agreement on boundaries.

  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1967–69, POL 7 SUDAN. Secret; Priority; NATUS; Limdis. Drafted by Betty-Jane Jones in the Office of United Nations Political Affairs on August 25, cleared by Popper and Davies, and approved by Eugene Rostow. Also sent Priority to Beirut, Jidda, and Kuwait and repeated to Cairo, USUN, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.
  2. Document 426.
  3. For text of Goldberg’s speech before the International Platform Association at Washington, D.C., on July 27, see Department of State Bulletin, August 28, 1967, pp. 262–265.