207. Telegram From the Commander of the Sixth Fleet (Martin) to the Commander in Chief, European Command (Lemnitzer)1

081320Z. SITREP 06001. Attack on Liberty.


At 081252Z USS Liberty reported under attack at posit 31.23N 33.25E, was hit by torpedo and was listing badly. Attack forces hereby declared hostile by COMSIXTHFLT IAW CINCUSNAVEURINST P03120.5B. Liberty message authenticated.
Have directed TF 60 to proceed toward scene. Task Force 60 present posit 34.22N 24.28E.
Have directed America to launch four armed A4’s and Saratoga to launch four armed A1’s with fighter cover to defend USS Liberty. Pilots directed to remain clear of land. Tankers also will launch, will relieve on station.2
ETA first ACFT on scene one hour and 30 mins after launch. Estimate launch at 1345Z.
  1. Source: National Security Agency, Center for Cryptologic History Historical Collection, Series VIII, Crisis Files, Box 16. Unclassified; Flash. Repeated to AIG 998, JCS, CNO, CTF 60, and CTG 60.2. Received at the National Military Command Center at 10:13 a.m.
  2. See Document 219.