181. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Greece1

1179. For Labouisse. Your 1364.2 If Papandreou interprets “guarantee” as some sort of assurance that the US will use all possible diplomatic means to prevent further “unprovoked” Turkish aggression and we could agree on meaning of “provocation”, it might be possible to relieve Papandreou’s worries somewhat on Turkish military threat. If GOG can prevent provocation, we and the Greeks would have more influence with Turks. Could Papandreou give us assurances GOG can prevent provocations for at least six month period, understanding this means: Rotation of Turkish contingent without conditions; no customs or import restrictions on Red Crescent shipments; no economic blockade on Turkish community; more cooperation with UNFICYP in working out piece by piece negotiations to prevent incipient incidents and bring about more freedom of movement? If Papandreou and other responsible elements of GOG guarantee they could keep status “unprovoked”, we would be in position to go to Turks and obtain clarification of their assurances they will take no military action unless provoked and gain their agreement on “provocation”. If you believe desirable you might respond to Papandreou’s request using above line.3

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, POL 27 CYP. Secret; Priority; Exdis. Drafted by Bracken, cleared by Talbot and U, and approved by Talbot.
  2. Document 180.
  3. In telegram 1187 to Athens, March 19, the Department of State instructed Labouisse to make “every effort” to ensure that Papandreou understood that a positive response to the Turk suggestion of direct talks would be critical in assisting U.S. efforts to reduce the threat from Turkey. (Department of State, Central Files, POL 27 CYP)