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160. Editorial Note

Negotiations for a Status of Forces agreement concerning U.S. forces in the Republic of China had begun in August 1955 and continued intermittently through May 1960 without reaching agreement; see Foreign Relations, 1955-1957, volume II, pages 607-610; ibid., volume III, pages 282-283; and ibid., 1958-1960, volume XIX, pages 732-733. A second series of negotiations began on January 7, 1963, with a GRC counterdraft of May 11, 1960, as the basis for discussion, except that discussion of Article XIV on criminal jurisdiction was based on a U.S. proposal of March 1960. As in the earlier negotiations, Article XIV proved to be the greatest source of difficulties. The 16th meeting of the second series of negotiating sessions, held on September 30, was the last formal session in 1963. Subsequent informal discussions also failed to reach agreement. Documentation on this subject is in Department of State, Central File 611.937 through January 1963, thereafter in file DEF 15-3 CHINAT and DEF 15-3 CHINAT-US.