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11. Telegram From the Embassy in Poland to the Department of State 0

1254. Beam-Wang Talks. 103rd meeting one hour 25 minutes.1

Wang led off in brief mild statement with reference to fact this was first meeting of new year and that new administration had assumed [Page 26]office in US. Said despite lack of progress past five years hoped US Government now prepared make new constructive proposals. All that was needed to improve relations was for US to withdraw from armed occupation of Taiwan. Concluded that even though Taiwan problem had not been settled past 11 years it surely would be during next 11 years and sooner it was settled the better.

I responded with paragraph 1 Deptel 931,2 continuing with paragraphs 2, 3 and 4.

Wang expressed disappointment my presentation contained no positive proposal concerning Taiwan. Regarding prisoners he pointed out that although RB-47 flyers had been released, U-2 pilot Powers still held. Added that this side had taken several steps such as release of 11 US flyers in 1955 in effort improve atmosphere but US had failed respond. Furthermore, US continued place obstructions in way of Chinese wishing return their country. Regarding newsmen he declared he had put forward reasonable proposal September 63 and we should reconsider our attitude to that proposal. He returned list of newsmen I had handed him saying until Taiwan problem solved, it was very difficult make progress on other issues.

I pointed out that far from failing to respond to Chinese Communist release of 11 flyers US had already before that occurred removed all restrictions on departure Chinese from US. I said his allegations Chinese being prevented from leaving were unsupported by any evidence and reminded him that we had yet to receive any complaint on behalf of a Chinese from Indian Embassy. On newsmen I expressed hope that his negative response was not final word regarding our new proposal and urged that his side give it further consideration. I added that in view interest this subject in US my government reserved right to make public statement. Wang was silent as to possibility public statement by his side.

Next meeting April 18, 2 p.m.

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