207. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in the Congo1

1471. Minister Econ Affairs Ambroise Eleo, Governor-designate Congo National Bank Albert Ndele, Permanent U.N. rep Mario Cardoso accompanied by Kimbimbi, Kimvay, and Kasanda2 called on Under Secretary February 16 prior departure for Congo.

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Following based on uncleared memcon.3 Cardoso said delegation would give Prime Minister many positive suggestions from Department concerning re-integration Katanga, reorganization Army, foreign aid, and economic stabilization. GOC will seriously consider U.S. views and Prime Minister believed already beginning carry out some actions along lines U.S. proposals.

Group remains skeptical Tshombe good faith despite good will gesture Katanga assembly on Kitona declaration.4 With U.S. support they hope test his sincerity. Cardoso called attention Tshombe attack on USG. He wished assure us Tshombe will not be allowed act in field foreign affairs which beyond his competence insofar as GOC able control this matter.

Under Secretary noted absence full report Katanga assembly resolution makes it difficult evaluate significance. Only time will reveal extent Tshombe acting good faith. Meanwhile, GOC should know we feel re-integration Katanga has high priority along with other equally important matters Cardoso named. He hoped work here and of GOC with Ambassador Léopoldville will lead to more rapid progress. We anxious assist GOC establish peace, restore economy and make possible growth and prosperity.

During week, Eleo group held talks with IMF and IBRD. Ndele read draft financial stabilization program which he will discuss within GOC (pouching copy).5 Way now seems clear for World Bank proceed with more detailed work “contentieux,” probably with special Bank mission Brussels about first April, although talks GOC–GOB need not await further action by Bank this stage.

In course several sessions in Department, basic ideas our proposed action program were explained. Delegation did not feel competent discuss substance, but agreed that elaboration of program and specific actions will be subject talks between Ambassador and Prime Minister. Ndele appeared support our pragmatic gradualist approach Katanga integration whereas Cardoso and Kimbimbi more anxious see rapid progress and stressed principles Congo unity.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 770G.00/2–2062. Confidential. Drafted by Kenney, cleared by Stanley Cleveland, and approved by Eisenberg. Repeated to Brussels, London, Paris, Elisabethville, and USUN.
  2. Emmanuel Kimbimbi of the Prime Minister’s office, Felicien Kimvay of the Chamber of Deputies, and Senator Justin Kasanda of Kasai Province.
  3. Drafted by Kenney. (Department of State, Central Files, 033.70G11/2–1662) McGhee met with the Congolese Delegation on February 14; Kenney’s memorandum of the conversation is ibid., 770G.13/2–1462.
  4. On February 15, the Katangan Assembly adopted a resolution accepting the Kitona Declaration as a “potential basis of discussion.” The text is printed in American Foreign Policy: Current Documents, 1962, pp. 836–837.
  5. Not found.