369. Memorandum for the Record0


  • Minutes of the Special Group (CI) Meeting
  • 2 p.m., Thursday, November 21, 1963


  • Governor Harriman, Mr. Bell, General Taylor, Mr. Murrow, Mr. Bundy vice Mr. Gilpatric, Mr. Karamessines vice Mr. McCone
  • Mr. Jernegan and Mr. Killgore were present for Items No. 1 and 2.
  • Mr. McClure was present for Item No. 2.
  • Mr. Battle was present for Item No. 3.
  • Ambassador Henderson was present for Item No. 4.
  • Mr. Maechling was present for the meeting.

[Here follows item 1 on an unrelated matter.]

2. Presentation of the Internal Defense Plan for Jordan

Mr. Jernegan, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, reviewed for the Group the major elements of the Plan. He emphasized that the reason Jordan is important to US policy in the Near East is its close location to Israel and the latter’s concern over the stability of Jordan. He believes that if the Jordanian Government were to be violently overthrown, Israel would probably occupy part of its territory.

Mr. Jernegan pointed out that a quick coup backed by elements of the Army is considered to be the primary threat to the current regime. [Page 802] Aside from this, threats posed by other elements, including the Communists, are not believed to be serious. He then described the US policy objectives in Jordan and courses of action. He commented that there is some doubt whether Jordan can absorb the proposed reduction in US budgetary support planned for future years.

Mr. McClure, Chief of the AID Mission in Jordan, reported that recent developments indicate that progress is being made in the economic area. Improvements are being made in the fiscal management field and the seven-year development plan now being formulated is an encouraging sign. The refugee problem has complicated the development of youth programs, but increased attention is being given to these programs.

The Group noted the IDP and deferred taking any other action pending review of the terms of reference of the Group.

The Group agreed with the CIA recommendation that contingency plans pertinent to this region should be reviewed.

The Group agreed that CIA should review and update, as necessary, the existing Special National Intelligence Estimate on Jordan.

[Here follow items 3, 4, and Miscellaneous on unrelated matters.]

James W. Dingeman
Executive Secretary
Special Group (CI)
  1. Source: Department of State, Special Group, Counterinsurgency Files: Lot 68 D 451. Secret. Drafted by Dingeman. This memorandum was sent to members of the Special Group under cover of a November 29 memorandum. (Ibid.)