120. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in the United Arab Republic0

650. Verbatim Text. You authorized convey Nasser orally following message from President Kennedy:1

  • “1. I should like to reciprocate the friendly greetings which Ambassador Badeau conveyed to me during my recent meeting with him in Washington. I am pleased at the pattern of frank exchanges of views that has increasingly characterized our relations. I regard the very substantial aid we are providing the UAR as a token of our serious intent to establish a new and more constructive relationship between our two countries.
  • 2. Therefore I feel I can speak frankly when I say that I set great store by the international effort, in which we have both been engaged, to reach an understanding among the parties involved in the current conflict in Yemen. I am confident that your government will cooperate fully with any impartial agencies that may be designated to verify the disengagement and withdrawal process. As you know, the conflict has affected our vital interests in Aden, the Persian Gulf area, and throughout the Arabian Peninsula, and I welcome the earlier affirmations of your government that it recognizes these interests. I hope that we can work together to encourage the new Yemen Arab Republic to give special attention to fostering political and economic stability in its territory and to establishing peaceful and friendly relations with its neighbors.
  • 3. I am also gratified by UAR recognition of the need for orderly progress in a context of political stability in Saudi Arabia. I hope that we both will make every effort to create an atmosphere conducive to a reconciliation between the United Arab Republic and Saudi Arabia. As the US has made clear in the past, we stand fully behind the integrity of Prince Faysal’s regime.
  • 4. Ambassador Badeau has conveyed to me your government’s interest in restoring tranquility in Algeria and in helping its economy. As [Page 276] you know I have long taken a special interest in Algeria and I share your judgment that the success of the Algerian Government in its efforts to bring stability to this key country is very much in the interest of both our nations. We are already providing several tens of millions of dollars in hard relief aid to Algeria, and intend to provide other appropriate help. In turn I hope that you will use your influence with the Algerians to encourage them to pursue policies which will enhance our ability to be of such help.
  • 5. We stand with you on the position of principle that the UAR has taken at the Colombo Conference in opposition to the acquisition of territory by armed force. I believe that a similarity of outlook on this and many other issues has created a community of interests which argues well for the success of our cooperative endeavors.”

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 786.11/12–2462. Secret; Limit Distribution. Drafted by Jones, Seelye, and Badeau on December 21; cleared by Slater, Tonesk (U/PR), Swank (S), Komer, McGhee, Hooper (AFN), and Strong; and approved by Talbot.
  2. On December 21, in a memorandum from Brubeck to Bundy, the Department of State proposed that Badeau deliver an oral message from President Kennedy to Nasser upon the Ambassador’s return to Cairo and transmitted a proposed text to the White House. (Ibid., 786H.11/12–2162) Komer made several changes in the text, cleared it with Talbot, and sent the revised version to President Kennedy in Palm Beach, Florida, with the report: “All substantive points raised by President have been covered but I’ve tried not to make message too long. Moreover, nothing in it which seems to be politically sensitive here.” (Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Countries Series, United Arab/Republic, Nasser Correspondence)