275. Telegram From the Embassy in Turkey to the Department of State 0

983. Deptel 728.1 Embassy’s assessment of municipalities issue as seen by GOT set forth in Embtel 953.2 We continue believe approaches to GOT to be effective must be within framework of what GOT conceives to be its basic interest in matter.

While GOT has conditionally accepted idea of integrated municipalities as eventual development (Embtel 930)3 it does not want be rushed in getting there, and FonMin Erkin has shown strong unwillingness preside over liquidation Turk municipalities near future. On other hand, believe GOT can live with present situation, even though it lacks legal foundation valued by GOT. Therefore, if way can be found persuade Makarios go slow on what Turks consider harassing tactics, breathing spell should ensue during which it may be possible bridge difference in Turk and Greek positions on length of period separate municipalities should continue operate before turning over all authority and functions to committees of coordination.

Since USG now involved in sensitive Jupiter–Polaris negotiations with GOT we do not believe this is the time for us to push Turks on Cyprus problems. On other hand Embassy sees value in encouraging UK attempt close gap GOT and GOG positions on Cyprus municipalities as prelude to coordinated three-power pressure on parties to dispute. Judging from our conversations with UK charge here, he seems have better understanding of GOT policy and basic underlying factors, and approach through British might have something of catalytic effect at this time.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, POL 18 Cyp. Confidential. Repeated to Athens, Nicosia, and London.
  2. Printed as telegram 4387 to London, Document 274.
  3. Document 273.
  4. See footnote 1, Document 272.