272. Telegram From the Embassy in Cyprus to the Department of State 0

372. Deptel 311, Ankara’s 930, Embtel 366.1 I believe US intervention Cyprus municipalities issue at this time would offer no new prospects for agreement, as we lack leverage and it might provide excuse for further delay in resolution of problem. Reasonable basis for agreement, after necessary modifications, appears presently available in Makarios’ proposals of last March as subsequently modified, which offer prospect of guarantees which should accord Turkish community substance, if not form, of what they desire. I doubt Makarios will now accept lengthy continuance separate Turkish municipal councils, even with addition of joint municipal boards.

Key will be whether GOT allows Turkish Cypriots sufficient negotiating flexibility. This connection, I believe it important that all three guarantor powers, especially Athens and Ankara, who know best how to influence their communities here, should through continuing close consultation coordinate their efforts in Cyprus to encourage agreement on reasonable compromise solution.

Turkish Ambassador Ozkol reportedly discussed substance of municipalities issue on several occasions recently, especially in three-hour session with FonMin Kyprianou February 11. There is also prospect of informal talks between House President Clerides and Turkish Communal Chamber President Denktash during Vice President Kutchuk’s visit to Germany. I consider our most effective action is to continue to counsel moderation, restraint and accommodation within spirit, if not letter, of Constitution in interest of all concerned lest situation deteriorate with risk of violence.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, POL 18 Cyp. Confidential. Repeated to Athens, Ankara, and London.
  2. In telegram 311 to Nicosia, February 12, the Department of State requested comments on telegram 930 from Ankara. (Ibid.) Telegram 930, February 9, reported Foreign Minister Erkin’s proposals for a Cyprus solution together with his appeal for U.S. intervention. (Ibid.) Telegram 366 from Nicosia, February 12, reported that Greek Government representatives in Cyprus were urging U.S. intervention to broker a solution. (Ibid.)