216. Telegram From Secretary of State Rusk to the Department of State0

Secto 55. Following is brief resume conversation at Gromyko’s dinner Oct 2.

In addition to matters discussed tete-a-tete between Secretary and Gromyko, following subjects were discussed in post-dinner conversation on which entire group sat in:

[Here follows discussion of Laos.]

2. Gromyko then changed subject and raised Germany and Berlin along familiar Sov line, but without using acrimonious or excessive language. Expressed interest in what US meant by “possible interim arrangement” and by possibility of taking “fresh look” at problem. Noted question presence Western forces West Berlin had been stumbling block in last year’s discussions during which, he contended, both sides had been very close to agreement on many other points then discussed. Stressed Sovs could not agree to indefinite presence Western forces. Secretary replied forcefully Sovs had agreed to such presence under existing [Page 584] agreements and now seeking reduce Western position West Berlin with no reciprocity, and this of course unacceptable to us. Questioned possibility reach final solution German problem now in view Sov position on reunification, but expressed view in meantime perhaps some arrangements could be agreed upon to improve security both sides in that area. Noted no such arrangement should be at expense our Allies.

3. Gromyko then asked about NAP. Secretary asked in return whether an NAP would apply to West Berlin, with Gromyko taking usual line that reference to Berlin in an NAP would “drown” NAP and that NAP would provide for peaceful settlement all issues without exception.

Full memcon will follow.1

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, POL 27 LAOS. Secret; Limit Distribution.
  2. SecDel/MC/93, October 4. (Ibid., POL GER)