16. Circular Telegram From the Department of State to All Diplomatic and Consular Posts 0

1115. Joint State-USIA message. We note from news reports some Western European, and particularly British, newspapers are dealing euphorically with release RB-47 fliers as possible harbinger substantial and rapid improvement Soviet-US relations.

USIA is preparing and will transmit via Wireless File wrap-up responsible US editorial comment on release RB-47 fliers. PAOʼs should strive achieve maximum placement, particularly Western European press.

In discussing matter US officials should point out that:

US gratified by release, as President noted;
No US concessions involved;
No high level meeting mentioned nor future negotiation on any international issue discussed;
Presidentʼs orders not resume penetrations Soviet airspace only continuation situation which has obtained since last May;
Basic US view Olmstead-McKone release is that it belatedly rectifies wrong done by Soviets in illegally holding two airmen for seven months;
US, like other countries, waiting to see how Soviet Government, which has recently stridently re-proclaimed its goal of achieving Communist world by any and all feasible means short general nuclear war (81-Party Statement of December 61 and Khrushchev speech of January 6) will translate into deeds its often-proclaimed desire for better relations.

For USRO—Distribute to other dels public-affairs guidance contained numbered paras above. (Do not distribute first two unnumbered introductory paras.)

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.61/1-2761. Confidential; Verbatim Text. Drafted by Davies; cleared by Kohler, Davis, McSweeney, AF, EUR/P, RA/P, and USIA; and approved by Tubby.
  2. For text of this declaration, see the World Marxist Review, December 1960, vol. 3, No. 12; an extract is printed in RIIA Documents on International Affairs, 1960, New York, 1964, pp. 222 ff.