14. Editorial Note

On January 24, 1961, Charles E. Bohlen transmitted a memorandum to Secretary of State Rusk suggesting that he send a personal telegram to Ambassador Thompson to inform him that the President intended to call him back once the President and Secretary both had time to devote for serious consultations. (Department of State, Central Files, 661.00/1- 2461) The following day Rusk sent the telegram stating that the recall would be both to get Thompsonʼs advice and to demonstrate the Presidentʼs highest level of confidence in him. (Telegram 1196; ibid., 123 Thompson) On January 30 Rusk cabled further that he and the President wanted Thompson to return at his earliest convenience for 10 days to 2 weeks. (Telegram 1228; ibid.) The following day the White House announced that the Ambassador would return on or about February 8 for consultations since President Kennedy was interested in having Thompsonʼs first-hand observations and report on the situation in the Soviet Union. (Telegram 1243 to Moscow, January 31; ibid.)