286. Message From the Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Vietnam(Lodge)1

Re CAS Saigon 0292.2

Agree to modification proposed.
Re CAS Saigon 02913 reporting approach by General Khanh. Our impression is that Khanh one of best of Generals, both courageous and sophisticated. His analysis seems to confirm other evidence indicating need for speed in making US position clear to Generals. Hope review E and E plans can be accomplished quickly.
Re Deptel 244.4 Press already aware general picture from own sources, e.g. NY Times today says “reports from Saigon indicate top Vietnamese Generals did approve plans for martial law, but not for raids on Buddhist pagodas, shooting and widespread arrests carried out by the special forces under Mr. Nhu’s control.” Will therefore proceed background press along lines Deptel 244 this afternoon and VOA will broadcast Monday morning Saigon time.
Re CAS Saigon 0293.5 Suggest Ambassador decide best means getting word to Generals.
  1. Source: Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Vietnam Country Series, 8/24/63-8/31/63, State Cables. Top Secret. Apparently sent via CIA channels to Saigon. The message is unsigned, and there is no time of transmission or receipt on the source text.
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