272. Department of State Daily Staff Summary1

Far East:

Tension in Vietnam Continues—Ambassador Lodge has not yet been able to present his credentials owing to the unexpected resignation of Foreign Minister Maul According to CAS, Vice President Tho’s assistant also indicated that Tho may decide to resign “at the right moment.”

Meanwhile, Vietnamese harassment continues. USOM vehicles leaving the compound are still being searched on orders from “higher authority.” Some press despatches have gone out, but censorship is apparently very heavy-handed.

[Page 611]

The two bonzes in the USOM building are being cared for satisfactorily and can be held there for some time if necessary, Lodge believes. If adequate formal assurances on their treatment subsequent to release are not forthcoming from the Vietnamese Government, Lodge thinks that we should hold them at least until martial law has been lifted, since martial law by definition means suspension of due process. (Secret) Saigon 302, 8/22 (C); Saigon 306, 8/23 (C); Saigon 307, 8/23 (S) (LD).2

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