68. Editorial Note

Secretary of State for the Presidency Nguyen Dinh Thuan arrived in Washington on June 12, 1961, for a 6-day visit. That evening he dined with Assistant Secretary McConaughy, Cottrell, and members of the Staley Financial Group that were about to depart for Saigon. The next day, he met with McConaughy at 5:30. On June 14, Thuan met with Lansdale, President Kennedy, the Deputy Secretary and [Page 172] Secretary of Defense, and General Lemnitzer, followed by a dinner given by the Vice President aboard the yacht Sequoia. On June 15, he met with Under Secretary of State Johnson, Secretary Rusk, the Managing Director of the Development Land Fund, Frank M. Coffin, and Rostow. Following meetings with Congressional leaders on June 16, Thuan left for New York before returning to Viet-Nam on June 17.

Only the memorandum of the conversation with the President is printed here. The meeting with McConaughy is cited in footnote 1 thereto. A record of the meeting with Coffin and copies of Thuan’s schedule of meetings are in Department of State, Viet-Nam Working Group Files: Lot 66 D 193, 22.2 Thuan Visit GVN 1961. No records of the other meetings have been found.