49. Letter From the Deputy Assistant Director, Far East, of the United States Information Agency (Nickel) to the Public Affairs Officer at the Embassy in Viet-Nam (Anspacher)1

Dear John: We are in the process of cranking up a major propaganda campaign on Viet Cong insurgency in VietNam. Our instructions are to start this immediately and continue it at the highest possible level until further notice.

One of our big problems is scarcity of unclassified material upon which to draw for specifics of Viet Cong insurgency and terrorism. All steps are being taken here to get as much past material declassified as possible. But the real crux of the problem lies in Saigon, i.e., classification at the source. The CAS station chief, Mr. Colby, is on his way back to Saigon. He has been briefed here on [Page 129] the necessity of minimum classification so as much material as possible can be put into public channels world wide.

I wish you would make it a point to see Colby as soon after his arrival as possible, discuss this whole problem with him and work closely with him on developing a flow of material. It can move in any form that seems advisable, despatch, telegram, or signals; but it should move through our channels to give our media operators ready access to it at this end.

Please keep me fully informed on your arrangements with Colby and the prognosis for instituting the flow. We are going to have to depend primarily on you and sources there to keep this campaign going at the necessary level.

Best personal regards.


  1. Source: Washington National Records center, RG 34, Saigon Embassy Files: FRC 66 A 335. Program Direction Secret; Official-Informal; For Addressee Only.