281. Editorial Note

On Sunday, November 26, 1961, the White House announced a major reorganization of the Department of State. Among the changes were the appointment of George Ball as Under Secretary of State to replace Chester Bowles; W. Averell Harriman as Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs to replace Walter McConaughy; George McGhee as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs to replace Ball; Brooks Hays as the President’s Special Assistant; and Frederick Dutton as Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations to replace Hays. The President subsequently named Bowles as his Specia1 Representative and Adviser on African, Asian, and [Page 671] Latin American Affairs and Walt W. Rostow as Counselor and Chairman of the Department of State’s Policy Planning Council to replace McGhee. Regarding the background of Department of State reorganization, see Bowles, Promises to Keep, pages 352-367; Schlesinger, A Thousand Days, pages 437-447; and Sorensen, Kennedy, pages 287-290. See also the transcripts of interviews with Chester Bowles, February 2, 1965, pages 38-46, and Walt W. Rostow, April 11, 1964, pages 113-114, at the Kennedy Library.