338. Editorial Note

At the 442d meeting of the National Security Council on April 28, Allen Dulles gave his briefing, “Significant Developments Affecting U.S. Security.” He reported briefly on the results of the Lao elections as follows:

“In Laos, Mr. Dulles noted, conservative and anti-communist candidates won an overwhelming victory in the recent election. However, the Laotian Army probably became over-enthusiastic in several places and may have rigged the elections in some districts. Mr. Dulles believed the anti-communists would have won the election without any rigging. However, the organization of a new government would be difficult because the anti-communists, although united in opposition to communism, are split among themselves in all other matters.” (Memorandum of discussion by Boggs, April 28; Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)

As of April 28, contests in 46 electoral districts were definitely decided and of the remaining seats, 4 required run-off elections and up to 10 could possibly be forced into run-offs. Of the 46 definitely elected deputies, 25 were members of the CDNI or closely affiliated to the CDNI. Of the remaining winners, all 21 were pro-government candidates. As of April 28, no Santhiphab or NLHX candidate was close to winning a seat in the Assembly. (Telegram 2736 from Vientiane, April 28; Department of State, Central Files, 751J.00/4–2860)