195. Memorandum From the Deputy Director of the Office of Southeast Asian Affairs (Jenkins) to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs (Parsons)1


  • Briefing for Fitzgerald Meeting

CINCPAC believes that we need a “cold war plan” for Laos (CINCPAC 082216Z September 1958)2 which:

identifies objectives;
conveys a sense of urgency;
organizes necessary effort;
details funds and logistics required;
is directed toward favorable outcome of late 1959 elections.

The program would be along the lines of the Ambassador’s program preceding the May 4 elections which was supported by CINCPAC “Operation Booster Shot”.

CINCPAC has recommended an inter-agency team be sent to Laos to assist the Ambassador in drawing up a plan and developing requirements for its implementation. CINCPAC suggests representatives from Washington and CINCPAC constitute this team.

Ambassador Smith agrees on the need for a carefully planned program if conservative elements are to succeed in the next election (Embtel 486),3 but believes that the special program should be designed to come as far as possible within the framework of regular USOM and program operation. Ambassador Smith hoped (September 15) to present a preliminary outline of program and personnel requirements within a few days. This has not yet been received.

There is as yet no inter-agency position on the cold war planning, but it will be the subject of the SEAOCB Working Group meeting next week.4 in case you should have any questions. We hope to receive Ambassador Smith’s outline program before the meeting.

Elden Erickson and I shall be available at the meeting

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  4. No record of this meeting has been found.