9. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Jordan1

2446. FYI We have impression Iraqis and Jordanians still thinking in terms retaining two seats at UN after Arab Union becomes effective.2 We foresee number of objections to effort retain dual representation and believe would be regrettable if AU leaders took public position favoring dual representation and were subsequently obliged recede from that position in GA. End FYI

You should therefore inform Foreign office our wish discuss Arab Union UN representation with them and to make known to them our thoughts on basis friendship existing between us.

If Foreign Office indicates AU intends seek retain UN seats of Iraq and Jordan you should convey following as US reaction.
US understands natural desire AU retain seats and votes Iraq and Jordan.
However we believe effort to do so would in first instance be compared unfavorably with action UAR, would appear in minds some people substantiate charge Jordanian and Iraqi leaders did not intend create genuine union and would open Arab Union to major propaganda attack from UAR.
Decision whether AU will retain seats and votes Iraq and Jordan will be made by GA. We believe however that AU with single head state and constitutional provisions such as Article 62 will have great difficulty persuading other UN members that AU entitled two seats. Effort maintain this might invite debate this subject with AU on uncertain ground. Defeat would be most unfortunate for Union’s prestige. If by chance AU were able retain two seats, we see likelihood that entire problem multiple votes would be opened up by some members. We believe such development should be avoided.
Decision re UAR representation3 will, we believe, be considered firm precedent for expecting AU retain one seat and one vote.
We believe most desirable course for AU to follow is to decide maintain single delegation with one vote as successor Iraq and Jordan in which capacity it will succeed to single membership in any international organization of which Iraq or Jordan now member and to inform SYG accordingly soonest.
If Foreign Office indicates AU intends maintain single delegation at UN as at national capitals, you should state US considers this best course to follow. You should also suggest SYG be notified of this intention at earliest opportunity.
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 310.386/5–158. Confidential. Drafted by Ludlow and Waggoner on April 29; cleared by Adams, Bruns, and Ford; and approved by Berry who signed for Dulles. Sent also to Baghdad and repeated to London and USUN.
  2. Ludlow reported on March 24 that, on the previous evening, the Jordanian Ambassador had informed him of the Arab Union’s intention to retain both Iraq’s and Jordan’s seats at the United Nations. (Memorandum of conversation; ibid., 310.2/3–2458) The First Secretary of the British Embassy discussed this matter with Waggoner in a meeting at the Department of State on April 9. (Memorandum of conversation; ibid., 310.2/4–958) On April 11, he noted that the United States and the United Kingdom were in general agreement on this subject. (Memorandum of conversation; ibid., 310.2/4–1158)
  3. Telegram 781 to USUN, May 7, instructed Lodge to inform Hammarskjöld of the U.S. approaches to Amman and Baghdad and to ascertain his reaction to the U.S. position on Arab Union representation in the United Nations. (Ibid., 310.386/5–758)