6. Circular Telegram From the Department of State to All Diplomatic Posts1

777. Following transmitted for your information and may be used in discretion mission if subject raised in conversation with FonOff officials:

With respect participation United Arab Republic in United Nations and other international organizations, it is view Department that since UAR product merger Syria–Egypt both of which Charter Members UN, UAR their successor and succeeds to membership UN and other international organizations of which either Syria or Egypt formerly member. In exercising rights membership, however, UAR can be represented by only one delegation with one vote. USDel Law Sea Conference instructed support that position with respect representation UAR that Conference.
In order minimize possibility affording UAR excuse disavow international obligations and in order minimize certain political difficulties in UN, references UAR as “new” state should be avoided. Thus, for example, US will recognize government UAR rather than first recognize UAR as “new” state and then recognize its government.
If mission questioned re federation Iraq–Jordan, should state that comment re recognition federation or its representation UN premature before promulgation federation constitution.
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 310.2/2–2158. Limited Official Use. Drafted by Ford; cleared by Wilcox, Monsma, NEA, and EUR; and approved by Meeker who signed for Dulles.