457. Telegram From the Mission at the United Nations to the Department of State1

791. Re: Outer Space.

1. On 16 March I informed Sobolev (USSR) that although we aware Soviet position re outer space committee we view Soviet as member and hope they will participate. I then outlined our views re manner in which we believe committee should accomplish its work and said U.S. proposes committee be convened in April.

2. Sobolev asked clarification of how much of committee work we proposed Secretariat undertake. I spelled out our suggested assignment of resolution2 paragraph 1–a to Secretariat, resolution paras 1–b and 1–d to separate working groups, and delay on 1–c. I also explained I expected sit as USDel to first meeting of committee and thereafter U.S. would be represented on working groups by Dryden and Becker.

3. Sobolev expressed appreciation my bringing these views his attention. He said he aware “importance of committee’s work” and would report our views to Moscow. He said he did not think our views would result in change of Soviet attitude towards committee but he would inform us if this occurred.

4. We plan inform committee members who ask us of above. UKDel has been informed and they considering informal approach to Soviets to express hope our agreed plan of work will bring about Soviet participation in committee. UKDel reported FonOff interested in knowing whether or not Department still considering approach along lines considered before Mikoyan visit.3

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 320.5701/3–1959. Confidential.
  2. See footnote 3, Document 448.
  3. Mikoyan visited the United States, January 4–20, but the subject of outer space was not raised in conversations held during his stay. In telegram 763 to USUN, March 20, Lodge was informed that the United States planned no additional approaches to the Soviet Union. (Department of State, Central Files, 320.5701/3–1959)