18. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission at the United Nations 1

39. Re Malik Candidacy.

Rountree informed Lebanese Ambassador today that US will support Malik for Presidency 13th GA. Informed Lebanese Ambassador also that Lebanese may make our support known informally to other dels. Stressed at same time there should be no public announcement by Lebanese re above since we would prefer that matter become known publicly as result Lebanese informing other dels of our support.

USUN authorized confirm to other dels in response their queries US support for Malik candidacy.

Re responses to press inquiries Department spokesman will recall Secretary’s statement on September 17 at last GA following Malik’s withdrawal in favor of Munro as follows: “This organization is fortunate that it has among its members those who are well qualified to serve as President of the General Assembly. We have just heard one of them speak: Mr. Malik, a man of great eminence whom it has been my privilege to know even before the United Nations was formed. He has shown, I think, by his statesmanlike act today, his devotion and dedication to the principles and ideals of the United Nations. I know that we all rejoice that he will be able in the future to serve this Organization, the more so because of his act here today.”2 Dept. spokesman will also confirm in response to queries our intention support Malik. We would prefer that our support be interpreted in context our belief for some time that Malik would be excellent GA President rather than connected primarily with current developments in Lebanese situation.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 320/7–1258. Confidential. Drafted by Hanes and Sisco, cleared by Rountree, and approved by Hanes who signed for Dulles. Repeated to Beirut.
  2. See U.N. doc. APV.678.