20. Telegram From the Secretary of State to the Department of State1

Dulte 6. Eyes only Acting Secretary from Secretary. For President.

“We completed yesterday first day of conference. It was a good start in a good atmosphere, although on the formal side. I made broad review of US policy in Far East emphasizing relation of Korea, Japan and Formosa to Southeast Asia. Also, emphasized advantage of cohesive US power in West Pacific able to strike with full force in whatever direction required rather than a divisional location of our force to distinctive areas. Believe presentation well received and important contribution to thinking of Council members.

Eden’s presentation was somewhat listless and contributed little. He arrived with cold and seemed quite unwell and obviously his thoughts are largely elsewhere, perhaps at Downing Street.

There are preliminary indications that Australia and New Zealand may be disposed to go along with our Far East policies and to pressure UK in this direction.

France ineffectually represented by Bonnet, who was last-minute choice of President Coty. Because he has no government and because he is ill-prepared he does not play any major part. The Philippines, Pakistan and Thailand so far highly cooperative.

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There is considerable talk about permanent site for Council Secretariat with opinion tending to crystallize on Bangkok, with use of Singapore and Manila for meetings of military, economic and other experts.

I am finding here some of the warmth which I missed in the Bahamas.

Faithfully yours, FOSTER.”

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 396.1–BA/2–2455. Top Secret; Priority.