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346. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1

2169. Dept has considered UK position re Jerusalem (London tel 15312). Also have discussed matters with French who propose action along lines US recommendation that Sharett offer (Tel Aviv’s 2793) be accepted. Convey to FonOff following proposal of Dept which [Page 631]represents attempt to harmonize US-UK-French views on this matter. You should point out relative urgency need to arrive at agreed position on this question which has been under discussion among the three governments for nearly three months.

After formation new government, three Ambassadors would call individually on Israel Prime Minister in Jerusalem and inform him of our acceptance Sharett’s proposal. They would inform Primin that they were authorized call on Foreign Minister at his Ministry in Jerusalem from time to time on understanding that Foreign Minister would be available at Tel Aviv on a reciprocal basis. To facilitate conduct diplomatic business, Ambassadors would suggest that they work out with Foreign Minister an arrangement whereby latter would make periodic visits to Tel Aviv perhaps once weekly and not less often than once a fortnight.
In advising Prime Minister of our acceptance Sharett’s offer, Ambassadors would point out that our position relative to ultimate settlement of Jerusalem problem remained unchanged.
Ambassadors would also recall Sharett’s undertaking that there would be no publicity regarding new arrangement.
Ambassadors would be authorized make calls at Foreign Ministry in their discretion when business with which they were entrusted was of sufficient importance warrant such calls.
Acceptance social invitations in Jerusalem would be left discretion Ambassadors under conditions which presently apply.
Dept continues feel that support of agreed position from other friendly powers should be sought in first instance by Ambassadors in Tel Aviv. Would not object however if UK and French wish to take additional action in capitals of countries concerned.

While 2 above represents present official position of 3 governments it is not intended to derogate from statement in August 26 speech that US Government would be willing, inter alia, reexamine question status of Jerusalem.4

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 601.0084A/10–1755. Confidential. Drafted by Bergus and approved by Allen, who initialed for Dulles. Also sent to Paris and repeated to Tel Aviv.
  2. Dated October 17, it reported the British reply to the U.S. views on the Jerusalem problem sent in Document 332. The British suggested the following modification of Sharett’s proposal:

    Sharett would be asked fix one day in week when he would be in Tel Aviv to transact business with ambassadors, implication being that we would be willing go Jerusalem see him on other days.” (Ibid.)

  3. Document 295.
  4. The Embassy delivered the Department’s proposal in memorandum form to the British Foreign Office on October 21. (Telegram 1628 from London; Department of State, Central Files, 601.0084A/10–2155)