252. Editorial Note

On September 1, Secretary of State Dulles sent President Eisenhower, who was in Denver, Colorado, a letter reviewing a number of matters, including the current situation in Gaza and the status of Alpha. On these subjects,Dulles wrote the following:

“Today’s trouble spot is the Gaza strip. I hope, however, that it will not lead to full-scale war. I spoke over the phone yesterday with Ambassador Lawson at Tel Aviv . . . . I told the Ambassador that I was confident that Egypt’s cease-fire offer was genuine and that it was up to the Israelis to respond in kind. They nevertheless struck across the border, but then withdrew; so that could be the end—unless Egypt now feels it has to strike again.

“The initial reaction in the Arab States to our ‘Alpha’ project is not as violently against as was feared, but probably the official reaction will initially be negative. Israel and Jewish sentiment seems more favorable than anticipated. I am more than ever convinced that the move was a good one.” (Eisenhower Library, Whitman File,DullesHerter Series)