5. Editorial Note

Between June 20 and 26, the United Nations convened at San Francisco in Commemorative Meetings marking the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Charter. These meetings were purely ceremonial; no substantive business was conducted by either the General Assembly or the Security Council.

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President Eisenhower, Secretary Dulles, and the Foreign Ministers of most of the member nations attended the Commemorative Meetings. The President addressed the Meeting on June 20, and Secretary Dulles on June 24. Their speeches are printed in Department of State Bulletin, July 4, 1955, pages 3–10.

While at San Francisco, Secretary Dulles also held a series of bilateral and multilateral talks with various Foreign Ministers, concentrating particularly on discussions with the Foreign Ministers of the United Kingdom, France, and the Soviet Union concerning preparations for the forthcoming Geneva Summit Conference of the four heads of state; see volume V. Extensive documentation on the preparations for and discussions at the San Francisco Commemorative Meetings is in Department of State, Conference Files: Lot 63 D 123, CF 458, 460, 471, 481, 482, and 492; ibid.,IO Files: Lot 60 D 113, Comem Mtg SF; ibid., Secretary’s Memoranda of Conversation: Lot 64 D 199; and ibid., Central File 310.1.