284. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Israel 1

497. [Here follows a repetition of the first five paragraphs of Document 281.]

Department has already contacted all the Western Hemisphere countries and many European and Asiatic nations with view to obtaining support for special conference proposal. Majority have reacted favorably and US has asked some to co-sponsor, notably Indonesia, Iran, Philippines, plus number Latin American countries.

Would be most helpful have support as many Asian and African countries as possible. Hence bring US views attention FonOff and if response favorable invite Government join as co-sponsor of draft resolution quoted below. If Government not willing co-sponsor at this stage determine whether US can definitely count on its support.

You may, if necessary, inform FonOff that co-sponsorship or support does not commit it to any particular position with respect to the substantive problems involved. This is merely a procedural proposal.

[Here follows the text of the United States draft resolution, the key paragraph of which is printed in footnote 3, Document 281.]

Use judgment as to manner and timing in bringing this matter up in view of circumstances area, bearing in mind, however, this is part of preparation for GA session beginning Monday. Tel Aviv, Jidda, Damascus, Amman, Cairo have discretion whether or not approach FonOff.

Note: Baghdad only—UK may have already raised this subject with FonOff.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 320.31/11–956. Official Use Only.