25. Letter From the Representative at the United Nations (Lodge) to the Chairman of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee (Eastland)1

Dear Senator Eastland: This is in further reply to yours of May 1.

Yesterday, May 7, I called on Secretary-General Hammarskjold upon his return from the Palestine area and conveyed to him the [Page 98] view of your Subcommittee (which I wholeheartedly share) that the United Nations should do everything in its power to prevent further abuse of the hospitality of the United States by the Soviet representative, Mr. Sobolev.

I also pointed out to the Secretary-General the declaration of the Secretary of State that such abuse of the privilege of residence in the United States by the Soviet Delegation contravened the provisions of the Headquarters Agreement between the United States and the United Nations.

I assume that your Subcommittee has noted that the Secretary of State in his note of April 25, 1956,2 to the Soviet Embassy called upon the Government of the U.S.S.R. to instruct Ambassador Sobolev and his staff henceforth to adhere to their recognized functions.

Very sincerely yours,

Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.3
  1. Source: USUN Files,IO, Dels, USSR.
  2. The note under reference was delivered to Soviet Ambassador Georgi Zaroubin by Merchant in connection with the departure from the United States on April 7 of five former seamen from the Soviet tanker Tuapse. The note reads in part:

    “It has been determined after thorough investigation that members of the Soviet Delegation to the United Nations assumed authority and engaged in activities with respect to the seamen which are incompatible with the status of the Soviet Delegation. In this regard the conduct of Alexandr K. Guryanov and Nikolai Turkin was particularly objectionable. Ambassador Arkady Sobolev himself insisted on intervening.” The note is printed in the Department of State Bulletin, May 7, 1956, pp. 765-766.

  3. Printed from a copy that bears this typed signature.