17. Telegram From the Mission at the United Nations to the Department of State 1

Delga 78. Re Charter review.

Timing of GA debate. We propose agree to US [UK?] suggestion that debate be scheduled for October 20 or 21. (Nutting is returning to London on October 22 and he wishes make initial UK speech emphasizing that resolution constitutes decision in principle hold review conference. This designed meet public opinion elements in UK which favor Charter review.)

Composition of committee. UK will agree to a committee of 15 as follows:

  • Five permanent SC members.
  • Latin America—3 (Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic).
  • Western Europe—2 (Norway and Netherlands or Belgium).
  • Old Commonwealth—1 (Australia, Canada or New Zealand).
  • Soviet Bloc—1 (Czechoslovakia). Arab States—1 (Lebanon).
  • Asians—1 [2] (India and Philippines or Thailand).

UK leaves to us selection as between Thailand and Philippines. (We propose delay decision on this until after SC election.) UK will ascertain Benelux choice as between Netherlands and Belgium, and Commonwealth choice as among Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

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UK opposes inclusion of Burma or Indonesia and Turkey or Greece. They argue that both Asia and Europe are adequately represented in above slate and that inclusion these countries would lead to demand for greater representation other areas (specifically Latin America) and result would be committee unwieldy proportions. UK points out that viewpoint Burma and Indonesia is represented by India and there would be no reasonable area basis for inclusion either. They feel that inclusion Greece or Turkey would be resented as an effort pack committee with Europeans.

Bell and staff recommend we be authorized agree to committee of 15 outlined above, on understanding we will be free suggest at later time addition 1, 2 or possibly 3 countries if negotiating situation so requires.

Sponsorship of resolution. UK believes it highly important that we maintain strict control on resolution and has concluded best way ensure this is confine sponsors to UK and US alone. They point out that if any additional sponsors are added, it will be difficult resist including India and this could lead to considerable difficulty. UK does not believe it would be prudent have resolution sponsored by 1 or 2 small countries on ground that no matter how carefully countries are selected we can not be sure that they will resist undesirable amendments if going should get rough in GA.

Bell and staff recommend we be authorized accede UK suggestion.

We have agreed, at UK request, meet with them at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon to iron out remaining tactical points. Request Department’s views on above soonest.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 310.1/10–1155. Confidential.