46. Editorial Note

At the fifth meeting of the Council on Foreign Economic Policy on January 25, the Council reviewed the joint FOA–Commerce paper that had been distributed at its previous meeting on January 21. According to the minutes of the meeting drafted by Major General George L. Eberle, USA (retired), Executive Director of the CFEP, the discussion was as follows:

“It was agreed that the recent situation with respect to the China-Formosa problem and possible subsequent developments could have an important bearing on any policy decision.

“After an expression and discussion of views by State, Commerce, Defense, and FOA, it was agreed that the subject would be referred to appropriate representatives of these Departments and the Treasury for the submission of a document to the Council redefining the component issues, defining the policy conflicts related to them, and recommending further appropriate studies of the fundamental [Page 216] issues from which the Council can give policy guidance in further assignments.” (Eisenhower Library, CFEP Records)

According to a memorandum from Dodge to the Council, January 26, it was also decided at the meeting that economic defense policy would be reviewed in the future by a Steering Committee to be chaired by Samuel Waugh and to include the following officials: W. Randolph Burgess, Under Secretary of the Treasury; Samuel Anderson; H. Struve Hensel, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs; and Harold Stassen. (Ibid.)