71. Editorial Note

In elections to the Honduran Constituent Assembly held on October 7 the National Union Party, supporters of President Lozano, won all 56 seats. On October 21 Lozano was deposed in a bloodless coup by a military junta composed of General Roque Rodriguez, Lieutenant Colonel Hector Caraccioli, and Major Roberto Galvez. In an unnumbered telegram from Tegucigalpa, October 21, Chargé John C. Pool stated in part, “Lozano turned over authority in presence diplomatic corps (four being absent including me) but not in presence junta or their reps. Corps accordingly does not consider presence constituted recognition junta.” (Department of State, Central Files, 715.00/10–2156) In telegram 183 from Tegucigalpa, October 23, Pool reported that the new government had effective control of the country and seemed to enjoy the support of the major political parties. Pool stated further that in a proclamation read over the radio, the junta “promised on honor as military men to remain in power only for that period required to bring country back to constitutionality, at which time they would turn over government to civilians of truly popular choice. Embassy recommends recognition.” (Ibid., 715.00/10–2356)