18. Memorandum of a Telephone Conversation, January 24, 19551


  • Guatemala


  • Ambassador Norman Armour, Guatemala
  • Assistant Secretary Henry F. Holland
  • Mr. Thomas C. Mann, Counselor of Embassy, Guatemala

Mr. Holland called Ambassador Armour and said that, as a result of his conversation this morning, Ambassador Armour should go ahead with the conversation Mr. Holland suggested, and should find an opportunity to express our gratitude for the discreet and constructive way in which the views of the problem were brought to us by the man here.2 This will enable us to dissipate this matter which has no basis and will give us an opportunity to come to grips with real problems in the future. Ambassador Armour asked what he should express gratitude for. Mr. Holland replied for the fact that he brought the matter to our attention. Ambassador Armour said he would avoid the use of the word “gratitude” and would have to express surprise that the matter was not taken up with him there. Mr. Holland suggested that he express the matter as he thought best.

Mr. Holland said that the person here was deeply concerned about his situation.2 Ambassador Armour asked whether the person might not have been acting under instruction. Mr. Holland said it was his impression that he was reporting facts and taking a step which he felt would be constructive. Mr. Holland added that the man asserted that he had no instructions. Ambassador Armour said [Page 55] that threw a different emphasis on the picture, and that he would see how the matter should be handled.

Mr. Mann then came on the telephone and Mr. Holland repeated that he was of the opinion that they (the Embassy) will have a good opportunity to dissipate the entire problem and we will be in a position to deal with real problems in the future. Mr. Mann said he agreed.

Mr. Mann then asked what about the other meeting—the meeting in Washington. Mr. Holland said he would go ahead and work out the other conversation, but asked Mr. Mann not to delay any action on that account.

Mr. Mann asked that Mr. Holland send the Embassy copies of memoranda of his conversations.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 714.00/1–2455. Confidential. Drafted by Viola M. Keskinen of the Bureau of Inter-American Affairs.
  2. Apparent reference to Ambassador Cruz.
  3. Apparent reference to Ambassador Cruz.