143. Circular Telegram From the Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Missions1

85. Joint State–USIA. Egyptian seizure Suez Canal and resultant developments causing public comment on US position Panama Canal Zone. Avoidance initiation any discussion linking status Panama Canal with Suez Canal problem will further our foreign policy objectives. Any USIS material relating to US rights in Canal Zone within context of discussion of Suez seizure should be based on statements by President or Department and factual reporting of statements from Panamanian or other sources which look favorably on U.S.-Panamanian relations concerning the Panama Canal. Posts however should seek de-emphasize any linking two canal situations.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.1913/8–356. Confidential. Drafted and approved by Richard I. Phillips, Public Affairs Officer, ARA. This telegram was sent to all diplomatic missions in Latin America, repeated to 33 other posts, pouched to 15 additional posts, and sent for information to Ottawa.