121. Telegram From the Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Panama1

290. Department cognizant potential dangers in Panamanian situation outlined Embtel 3642 but believes Embassy’s suggestion not feasible for following reasons:

Trial strictly internal matter.
This Government not in position judge validity of charges against Guizado and others involved.
If plot engineered by others in high positions still unchanged, fate of Treaty not likely now to be deterrent in effort avoid disclosure by railroading others for crime.

Department therefore does not believe proposed warning would affect developing situation and might result in embarrassment to this Government if charges more soundly based than suspected.3

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 719.11/3–1755. Secret. Drafted by Sowash. Initialed by Newbegin indicating his approval.
  2. Supra.
  3. Additional documentation regarding the Remón assassination and the Guizado trial is in Department of State, Central File 719.11; ibid., ARA Files: Lot 60 D 667, Panama 1955—Political Local; Ibid., Panama City Embassy Files: Lot 63 F 57, 361.1 Remón Assassination; and ibid.: Lot 63 F 59, 361.1 Remón Assassination.