106. Editorial Note

President Anastasio Somoza died September 29 in Gorgas Hospital in the Panama Canal Zone. Colonel Luis Somoza, eldest son of the late President, was elected interim President by a unanimous vote of the Nicaraguan National Assembly on September 29. In a letter to Wollam dated October 4, Edw. Glion Curtis, Counselor of the Embassy, stated in part the following: “By the time the President’s death occurred, considerable progress had been made in the investigation and both President Luis and Colonel Tachito had clearly decided to avoid, in the interests of Nicaragua, any excesses or indiscriminate reprisals. I believe that it is most unfortunate that President Somoza died. At the same time, it is also my feeling that his survival for as long as he did, saved Nicaragua from irreparable damage which could also have adversely affected United States interests.” (Department of State, Central Files, 717.11/10–456)