781. Letter from Johnson to McConaughy1

Dear Walter:
[Facsimile Page 1]

I received a copy of Taipei’s despatch No. 240 of December 10 commenting on NIE 43–56 and copy No. 57 of the Department’s instruction A–159 of January 15 on the same subject. Although I was not able to [Typeset Page 1314] check what envelope they came in I presume CA sent them to me for my information and I appreciate it very much. I found both most interesting. My only purpose in mentioning it is to be sure the copy of the Department’s instruction was in fact intended for me and that a copy was also sent to Taipei.

Thanks very much for the word on the travel of the correspondents. I will of course be most interested in knowing before my next meeting whether anything developed between Chou and Nehru on the subject of the remaining prisoners.


U. Alexis Johnson
  1. Source: Department of State, Geneva Talks Files, Lot 72D415. Confidential; Official–Informal. Johnson signed the original “Alex.”