773. Telegram 736 to Geneva1

[Facsimile Page 1]

736. For Johnson.

Guidance for January 19 meeting.

Express deep disappointment and concern of American people that new year has begun with terms of Agreed Announcement still unfulfilled by Chinese Communists. Many months have passed since last American released. It now appears Chinese Communists taking no repeat no measures permit Americans expeditiously return US as promised in Agreed Announcement, but instead compelling each prisoner serve out term of sentence prior release. Such action is flagrant violation of Agreed Announcement and contrary Wang’s assurances that prompt action could be expected. It also in sharp contrast to US action regarding Chinese prisoners in US. Only Chinese prisoner choosing go mainland China released after serving only two and one-half years of seven to twenty year sentence. US has extended benefits of Agreed Announcement to all Chinese in US including common criminals in prison such as narcotics offenders and murderers. US even invited Indian Embassy interview all such prisoners. Chinese Communist refusal permit interviews cannot obscure fact US has done more than required by Agreed Announcement regarding Chinese in US, while [Facsimile Page 2] Chinese Communists have failed carry out their commitment regarding Americans.
Renew demand for accounting by Chinese Communists for missing military personnel. Frame demand in terms broad enough encompass both personnel missing from Korean War and other US military personnel missing from aircraft lost vicinity of China. Select from dossiers forwarded to you best-documented cases missing individuals reliably reported at one time in Chinese Communist hands and present in detail to Wang. (Material sent you McConaughy’s letter December 7 all now declassified.) If Wang should refuse consider subject, refer statements of Communist side at Panmunjom at 67th Meeting of MAC on November 26, 1956 that personnel QUOTE detained by authorities outside Korea UNQUOTE or QUOTE disposed of UNQUOTE by Chinese Communist regime not repeat not subject discussion at Panmunjom. Point out this is obvious issue between us, one of great concern to American people, and therefore suitable subject for Geneva talks.
Maintain previous position other subjects.
Propose next meeting February 7. (FYI Lengthening interval between meetings will serve to emphasize to Communists our dissatisfaction their attitude in talks and make less frequent demands on your time.)
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.93/1–1557. Confidential; Limit Distribution. Drafted by Clough; cleared by McConaughy, Sebald, and Phleger in draft.