768. Letter from Clough to Osborn1

Dear Dave:
[Facsimile Page 1]

The last batch of data on unaccounted for military personnel was sent to us by Defense in such haste that they failed to get to us the enclosed covering memorandum. I note from the memorandum that there should be data on twelve persons rather than eleven, as Walter stated in his letter of December 7 to Alex. Defense now tells us that in the rush they sent over extra copies of some of the dossiers which they would like you to send back, since one will presumably satisfy your needs. They have also told us that the Navy is declassifying the material on Naval personnel so that it can be used in negotiation.

[Typeset Page 1290]

We would be interested in your comments on the usefulness of this latest batch of material. The Department is under continued pressure to do something about the unaccounted for military personnel and we may want this subject brought up again at the next meeting.

With such long gaps between meetings you must be turning into a regular member of the Consulate General staff which we regret, since FE pays the bill and we could use you to much better advantage here. However, there seems to be no solution to this unsatisfactory situation.

Awana and I send best wishes to you and Helenka for the holiday season and hope to hear from you.


Ralph N. Clough


Memo from Defense dated December 6

  1. Source: Department of State, Geneva Talks Files, Lot 72D415. Confidential. Drafted by Clough.